Apple MacBook Air

This year's keynote was different than previous years due to COVID-19 and the entire conference being virtual, but it was still jam-packed with new software demos and features. You must be using iOS 7+, OS X 10.10+, and a Mac that supports WIFI Direct and Bluetooth LE. When you click to enable the Peer To Peer option the server will tell you if your computer is not supported. Apps are now automatically organized in the App Library, which is a new space at the end of your home screen.

That's why your Siri requests use a random identifier, not your Apple ID. And finally your devices should all work better together. The Apple Watch is the undisputed champion in the wearable game, offering the best user experience by a long shot. It uses on-device intelligence to show me the apps that I'm likely to need next and on the right is recently added, giving me access to the apps that I've recently downloaded from the app store, and below are intelligently curated categories.

The vast majority of developers can get their apps up and running in just a matter of days. App Clips allow developers to make small apps that can open with the help of a code. The software on the new Apple iPod Classic (6th generation) has been upgraded to include Genius, a feature that automatically compiles a play-list of songs from similar genres.

Your devices will be linked, and you can control the presentation. Apple also promised improved performance across all devices—apps will run faster, and in general even older devices will feel snappier. IPod touch (seventh-generation) will also get the iOS 14 update.

For example, Apple is introducing Apple Keynote Remote Control account integration within apps and websites looking to connect your social account. Another feature of iPadOS 14 is the addition of toolbars for most first-party apps. To answer your question, it'll be replaced with Apple Music, it's default music player, just like iOS.

Now your Apple Watch can detect when you're washing your hands, sensing how long you're washing them for by listening to the audio to confirm the sound of water or soap pumps. The vast majority of Mac apps can be recompiled as universal in a few days, so users can have fast native apps.

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